Our Team

Darcie Callahan

Owner of Vintage is for Lovers and Darling Dā€™s Event Planning since 2013, Darcie has worked tirelessly to make her ambitious visions a reality. With big dreams in her heart she has created a one of a kind business full of style and flair.  She lives in the Fredericksburg area with her husband, cute as a button baby girl, and her dog Cheddar.

Jeanie Giknavorian

Has lived and traveled all over the world.  She lives nearby with her husband and three kids. When she is not busy at home she manages all rentals and inventory for Vintage is for Lovers.  She has boundless energy, loves to design parties and DIY anything! If you need it she will make it.

Michael Goddard

Every good event company needs some muscle. Michael works full time by day and has enough energy to use his muscle for all our events.  He delivers all our rentals with white glove service. He has a superb eye for design and details. We are so grateful he is on our team!