Please note that adding items to your cart is creating a wish list. The items on our website are NOT for sale in any capacity. Prices are included within each listing.


so How does it work?

  1. Browse through our the collections below. 

  2. Add items to your 'wish list' (cart). You can see your list at any time by clicking on the 'cart' button in the upper right hand corner. Don't worry! You won't have to pay for anything to do this!

  3. Once finished adding items to your list, click on the 'Checkout' Button

  4. Fill out the contact form, click 'Purchase' (you won't be charged anything & no credit card is required)!  Make sure to include your event date (this will help us confirm your items are available for your date.) Your information will be sent to us along with you contact information, and a copy will be emailed to you.

  5. Based on your list, we will compile a detailed proposal which will include pricing for each piece as well as damage waiver and delivery cost.

  6. If you are not sure where to start or need additional service or planning, fill out the form on our contact us page, drop us a line at or call us at 540-845 1351.